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Last Updated: August 30, 2015

Q: Who is The Feminist Breeder?

A: Gina Crosley-Corcoran, MPH.  I’m a formerly certified childbirth educator and certified doula with a Bachelors from Loyola University Chicago and a Master of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health from University of Illinois Chicago. I wrote The Feminist Breeder Blog for seven years (from 2008 to 2015) and have now retired the moniker as I move onto a different focus in my career. I currently work in a private industry that saves and improves people’s lives through developing compassionate treatment options for debilitating and deadly diseases.

Q: Where did that crazy name come from?

A: I hard time finding like-minded feminists once I became a mother, and I started to feel like feminism and motherhood may be mutually exclusive.  I chose the moniker The Feminist Breeder to prove that even those of us who reproduce can still be concerned feminists.

Q: But wait – I thought feminism meant staying childfree?

A: Nope. Where do you think the future feminists will come from if the feminists aren’t breeding them?  Do you think Michelle Duggar is reproducing feminists for us?  Come on.

Q: Okay, so then what IS a feminist?

  • “Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings” ~ Cheris Kramerae, author of A Feminist Dictionary, 1996.
  • “Feminism is the advocacy of political, economic and social equality between women and men.” ~ Feminist Majority Foundation
  • “A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.” ~ Gloria Steinem, founder of Ms. Magazine, leader of the Women’s Movement.

Does any of that sound like you?  Then I hate to break it to ya – but you’re a feminist too!

Q: Why do you call your husband “Hyphenated Husband”?

A: Because he hyphenated his surname with mine when we got married.  Our entire family is hyphenated, as a matter of fact.

Q: Is that your real hair color?

A: YES, DANGIT, THAT IS MY REAL HAIR COLOR!!!! I am an authentic redhead (and all that may imply.)

Q: Hey, you look familiar – were you in a band?

A: Yes. I was a semi-professional musician for 10 years.  I played bass guitar and sang in Veruca Salt, and played bass guitar in a short-lived band with Courtney Love called Bastard.  I also fronted my own band Rockit Girl, after first beginning my career in music as the lead singer of Chicago rock outfit, Emil Muzz.  I made records, did international press, did some TV and radio and film, and generally rocked peoples’ socks off for awhile.

Q: Can I contact you by email?

A: Please do not.


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