The 10-Day Sugar Detox: Day I-Can’t-Even-Remember-Anymore


It was a fun-filled, action-packed holiday weekend, so I didn’t have time (or care enough, actually) to keep this place updated on the sugar-free journey. But suffice to say that, yes, we’re still doing awesome, and no, I’m not actually counting the days until it’s over. At this point, I feel like this is a long-term lifestyle change and I...

The 10-Day Sugar Detox: Days 4 & 5


Holy shit, we are HALF WAY through this thing already. I decided to give you guys a little break from updates yesterday because I’m sure you’re all, “Who is this person posting every single day? This is not the Gina we know.” And you’re right, I am so NOT the Gina you know right now. I’ve been possessed with the...

The 10-Day Sugar Detox: Day 3


Here we are! One-third of the way through our detox and everything still feels good! I started to get another little headache late in the day, so I choked down some disgusting flavorless coffee and it went away instantly. Today was a little different because we did eat lunch outside the home, but I stuck to the sugar-free/grain-free plan. I’m...

The 10-Day Sugar Detox: Day 2


Hey! Look at that! Three blog posts in three days! This new sugar-free/grain-free thing we’re doing is really inspiring me. I’m so excited to share this journey because it feels so different than I ever thought it could/would. Here are the highlights: Coffee without 10 lbs of sugar, cream, and cocoa is fucking disgusting. #SorryNotSorry Anything can be sweetened with...

The 10-Day Sugar Detox: Day 0


[Disclaimer – If you are triggered by talk of diet or weight-loss, you may want to steer clear of my shenanigans over the next couple weeks.] So, I watched Fed Up a few nights ago because I was bored, the husband was asleep, and I’ve already binged-watched most of my favorite shows. I knew the general premise of the movie...

Two Thanksgiving Recipes Your Family Will Go Nuts For


Alright, you guys know I’m not a food blogger so this is not going to be all professional and whatnot. This is just me telling you that I make two thanksgiving dishes that the people in my life go totally nuts for. Y’all know that I’m not much of a domestic goddess and I never aspire to be, so these...

My Favorite Home Hacks: Saving Your Time and Sanity, 1st Edition


If there’s one thing I love, it’s efficiency. Over the years I think I’ve utilized some pretty genius ideas for organizing space and time. If there’s a way to do something better, faster, easier, cheaper, then by god I will find it. Here are a few of my favorite tricks for doing just that. (And I want to state for...


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