When Your Child is Actually Smarter Than You


Of course my kids think they’re smarter than me. All kids do that sort of thing to their parents. They think we’re old and out-of-touch. We kind of are. Kids don’t know enough to know that they don’t know shit yet. Their whole world exists between home, school, and their grandparents’ houses. Once they have the dynamics of those places...

Jolene Knows How to “Shake It Off, Shake it Off.”


In case you don’t follow my facebook page (or just miss things) I wanted to share this adorable video of Jolene dancing to me singing an acoustic version of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.” I’ve been playing more guitar lately (as another way to avoid the mounting work/homework I don’t wanna do) and Jolene took time out of her busy...

The Kids are Alright.


For the first few years that we lived in our last rental home, we totally assumed that we were going to buy it when the time came. The landlord made it clear that he would be willing to sell it to us if we were ever interested, and though it was too small and in need of major renovations, we...

An Exercise in Saying Nice Things About Yourself


Trolls on the internet like to call me a “narcissist” or “histrionic.” Those are their two favorite words to describe me. But the actual licensed therapist I see says that’s total bullshit and thinks it’s pretty stupid for strangers to accuse someone of having a personality disorder just because they don’t like them. It just makes them sound foolish. I...

How I Taught My Kids About Money on Vacation


… or at least how I TRIED to teach them about money. My all-time biggest parenting pet peeve is my children acting entitled and whiny when they don’t get every little thing their heart desires. While I thank goodness that my children will never experience true poverty, I also worry that their lack of experience prevents them from appreciating what...

I Just Want to Be the First Phone Call From Prison.


Being away from my children gave me plenty of time to think about motherhood in the abstract. When you’re deep in the parenting foxhole, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the details. The daily grind leaves little mental energy for considering the big picture. One can only tell a small person to “Stop jumping on the couch!” or “Stop hitting...

Carving Out Time for Family

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On Sunday I slept until 11:30 am. Hyphenated Husband, god bless him, lets me sleep late every weekend. I was worn out from an already long weekend combined with the never-ending anxiety over my impending trip. (I leave on Friday morning. Jesus please don’t remind me.) As I laid in bed that morning scrolling through my phone, feeling guilty that...


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