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As of August 2015, I no longer accept messages or inquiries. Hopefully your question will be answered below. If not, I probably couldn’t have helped you anyway.


Q: I have an issue with my login or a question about membership. Where do I turn?

A: Please visit the Membership & Login FAQ page for anything related to memberships, login, payment, billing, or discounts.

Q: I have this great product/campaign/website/kickstarter and it would be GREAT if you could promote it (for free) – will you do that?

A: Nope. I don’t work for free. And I don’t write reviews of any kind. Don’t even ask.

Q: I have a conference/workshop/class – can you come speak at it?

A: At this time, I am incredibly busy with my day job and cannot accept any other engagements. Sorry.

Q: Do you accept guest posts on your blog?

A: No.

Q: Do you accept advertising on your blog?

A: No.

Q: I was really angry about this article that you wrote or thing you posted on facebook – do you care?

A: No. But you are welcome to post your thoughts on your own blog or facebook page. If it really makes you feel better about yourself, you can find numerous troll sites on the internet that would welcome your shit-talking about me. Please find those and leave me the fuck alone.

Q: I have a problem that I need help with – can you assist me?

A: No, I’m sorry, I cannot. This blog/life is retired. I’m focusing my energy elsewhere now. If you have a question like, “Where can I find a placenta encapsulation specialist” or “How do I become a doula?” then you should use this form.


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