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If you’re looking to reach Gina, owner of this blog, please use the following contact form, but PLEASE read the FAQ before submitting your question or comment. It will probably save us both time. If you still need to reach me, submit your request below.


Q: I have an issue with my login or a question about membership. Where do I turn?

A: Please visit the Membership & Login FAQ page for anything related to memberships, login, payment, billing, or discounts.

Q: I have this great product/campaign/website/kickstarter and it would be GREAT if you could promote it (for free) – will you do that?

A: Nope. I don’t work for free. And I don’t write reviews of any kind. Don’t even ask.

Q: I have a conference/workshop/class – can you come speak at it?

A: Sure, let’s talk! But I need to be paid. Real money. Babysitters don’t work for free. Airplanes don’t give free rides.

Q: Do you accept guest posts on your blog?

A: No, not on my blog. But we do accept contributions to the TFB Resource Guide. You are welcome to Submit a Proposal there.

Q: Do you accept advertising on your blog?

A: No, not on my blog. But we do accept advertising on the TFB Resource Guide. Please check prices and make your purchase directly through this link.

Q: I was really angry about this article that you wrote or thing you posted on facebook – do you care?

A: No. But you are welcome to post your thoughts on your own blog or facebook page. If it really makes you feel better about yourself, you can send me some hate mail. I won’t read it anyway.

Q: I have a problem that I need help with – can you assist me?

A: That really depends on whether I have any free time in my day or whether I have any working knowledge of the thing you need help with. Perhaps this may qualify as an “Ask TFB” question, and if so, please submit it there. If you have a question like, “Where can I find a placenta encapsulation specialist” or “How do I become a doula?” then you should use this form instead.

Still need to reach me? Go ahead and send me a message.

Contact Gina aka The Feminist Breeder using the form below. All comments and questions will become the property of this website owner and may be used or published and/or edited as seen fit.

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