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The Herstory…

For 10 years of her life, from age 18 to age 28, Gina sang lead vocals and played lead guitar in some of Chicago’s hottest bands.  As a classically trained vocalist and instrumentalist, Gina held center stage with the best of them. The Illinois Entertainer even dubbed her “One of the best voices in modern rock today” in a March 2000 “Spins” review of her band’s first release, “The Lift-Off E.P.”

At the ripe old age of 21, Louise Post of Veruca Salt walked into a bar and asked Gina if she would join VS.  Within a year, the invitation was accepted, and Gina went on to play bass and sing in Veruca Salt for 2 years.  In that time, she also played bass in a short-lived project with Courtney Love called “Bastard.”  In her later career, Gina produced recordings for other area bands, as well as took lead production on her own record, “Bright Lights” which was released in 2004.  A tour followed, and on that tour, Gina fell in love with her then-friend and guitarist.  A year later, they start breeding, and Gina found a whole new passion worth living.

Below are some of Gina’s recordings, videos, and press snapshots.  There’s lots, lots more – 10 years worth, in fact.  But this will do for now.

Bright Lights – Released September 14, 2004

01 – Get Back

02 – Bright Lights, Big City

03 – Hey, Hey

04 – Liquor is Perfect

05 – The Big Fake Out

06 – Gonna Roll

07 – The Song You Sang To Me

08 – Rear View Mirror

09 – Fall For Me

10 – Go On and Go

11 – For You

12 – The Jokes On You

The Lift-Off E.P. – Released March 2000

01 – Love All Wrong

02 – That Girl

03 – Soulmate Destiny

04 – Clone

05 – Got A Gun

06 – I Know It


“Mother Mother” (Tracy Bonham cover) live on Q101. 2005

“Jolene” (Dolly Parton Cover) Live at Schubas, 2003

“Get Back” (Original) Live on Q101, 2005

“Wolf” (Veruca Salt) Acoustic Duet by Louise Post & Gina Crosley-Corcoran at Canopy Club, June 2001



This video was projected onto a huge screen behind the stage just before Rockit Girl went on to play last show ever on February 4th 2006.  Music by Box o Car – This song was the inspiration for the name of the band.

Rockit Girl is featured in a documentary on Guitar. Also in this doc are Disturbed, members of Santana, and Throwndown, plus many more.  Only the first 4 minutes (the Rockit Girl chapter) are here.  Note: in this entire documentary, I am the only female guitar player seen or mentioned. Kinda badass — and kinda sad.

Rockit Girl appears for a split second in a Commonwealth Edison commercial that featured Chicago’s finest acts. Also making a cameo are The Lovehammers

Oh Yeah, Here’s Some Veruca Salt too…

This was filmed while I was living in LA, playing with Veruca Salt.


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