I fear the dentist. I fear the judgement and the shame and the ridicule and the heavy-handed sales tactics after they peer into my messed up mouth. It’s always the same: “You can’t go on like this. You need to get this work done. Don’t you care if you lose all your teeth!?” YES. I CARE. But I’ve spent most of my life too poor to deal with tooth decay that I’ve been experiencing ever since my permanent teeth popped in. I lost my first...

About Gina

Gina Crosley-Corcoran - writer, doula, childbirth educator, activist, and mother of 3 littles. Used to play in a famous rock band. Now earning a Master of Public Health in Maternal Child Health.
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I Just Want to Be the First Phone Call From Prison.


Being away from my children gave me plenty of time to think about motherhood in the abstract. When you’re deep in the parenting foxhole, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the details. The daily grind leaves little mental energy for considering the big picture. One can only tell a small person to “Stop jumping on the couch!” or “Stop hitting...

What Happened When I Left My Family for Three Weeks…

Des Moines VBAC Workshop

I did it. I made it through three weeks living away from my family, three weeks of my field practicum, and three VBAC Workshops (holy crap! That’s a lot to pack in 21 days!) I started in Des Moines, Iowa with this lovely group of women… We had so much fun learning together that day, we went out afterwards for...

Final Video Blog from Kansas City!

Kansas City Week 3 - YouTube' - www_youtube_com_watch_v=QSFCv0vQ7Uo

I can’t believe it, my time is almost up. See? SQUEEE!!!! So I talked at the camera for about 8 minutes to recap you on what I’ve been doing since my last Vlog. This will be the last video blog while I’m here but I’m going to try to wrap everything up with a picture-heavy text post this weekend. Enjoy!

Testing the Limits of My Tolerance for Pain


Apparently this is the summer of literally torturing myself in the name of personal growth. I have tested the upward limits of my stamina, pain threshold, and sanity in order to achieve a few personal goals that some people might think are important, but others might consider Pure Crazy. Seven weeks ago, I dove full force into a Couch-to-5K running...

Ask TFB: Should I Keep This Baby?


Dear TFB, I have gotten myself into a bad situation–and it WAS my own doing. I was in a highly dysfunctional, sometimes physically abusive marriage for ten years. With my former husband, I have an eight-year-old son. I’m 38 years old, and though I always imagined I would have a passel of kids, I only had one because of the...

Hungover and Inspired in Kansas City (Vlog)


Yeah, basically everything’s gonna be a vlog while I’m here in KCMO. I just have so much to report, so many things to say, and too many details to keep track of to try to craft it all into the written word right now. Plus, most of my work here is writing a huge program plan so I’m a little...

Lots to Talk about in Kansas City (Vlog)

Kansas City Trip - Day 3 (Vlog) - YouTube' - www_youtube_com_watch_v=yj3G_JMWXhY

I promised you guys I’d be blogging/vlogging the shit out of my time in Kansas City and I’m making good on my word. Today I’m telling you all about the amazing work of the organization I’m spending my time with here, as well as what it is exactly that I’m doing for them. I’m working morning, noon, and night so...