On Leaving My Husband and Children

April 23rd 2014

This is something I’ve chosen to Vlog (video blog) again. It’s a subject that’s been wreaking havoc on my mental health for the last several weeks and some big decisions were finally made. There’s a long back-story and it just feels like one of those things I need to talk through so here’s me, talking to the camera again. I know some of you love it. Those who don’t can tune in on Friday for another regular ol’ text post As always, I would LOVE...

About Gina

Gina Crosley-Corcoran - writer, doula, childbirth educator, activist, and mother of 3 littles. Used to play in a famous rock band. Now earning a Master of Public Health in Maternal Child Health.
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Waking Up in Puddles.


One month from tomorrow, I’ll turn 36 years old. I’m still young enough to have children, but certainly old enough to experience the beginnings of perimenopause. Given this limbo, whatever’s going on with my body right now feels like a riddle to be solved. I remember right after I had my babies, I would wake up in puddles of sweat,...



Women in America get pregnant. They go to the doctor (or sometimes a midwife) and get prenatal care. When their due date draws near, someone may throw them a ritual baby shower to fill their home with Onesies and diapers. Then the birth day comes and the baby transfers from the inside to the outside. The mother and new baby...

Another Vlog!

Snapshot 2 (3-28-2014 9-33 PM)

For most of you this will be great news — I felt the need to do another vlog! I know a couple of you voted that you’d rather hang yourself from the refrigerator door handle than see me talk again so please, look away! But the overwhelming majority asked me to pretty please film myself rambling to a camera more...

Do Partners Get a Say in Birth Plans?


Today I’ll be talking about something I have basically no experience with: Unsupportive Birth Partners. I am so far removed from that type of situation that it’s difficult for me to imagine the scenario, but I often see women complaining of just such a problem so I think it warrants a discussion. I’ll try to do this without seeming like...

The 5 Most Ignorant Arguments Against Water Birth


Last week, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Academy of Pediatrics released a joint opinion opposing water birth for reasons they can’t even legitimately explain. All they’ve offered is an admission that there’s “no evidence” that there’s a benefit to mom or baby. They also provided no evidence that it was harmful, either, but that didn’t...

Here’s What I’m Going to Do After Graduation…

By the time I'm done with my Masters degree, my... - The Feminist Breeder 2014-03-21 14-49-44

For the past few years, I’ve really tried to avoid thinking about a life post-graduation. I just had no idea what it could look like. That might sound insane since I’m paying all of this money for a graduate degree. I mean, surely I had plans for how to use it, right? Wrong. I just knew I wanted a Masters...

My First Video Blog!


I dunno, this may be weird, but I’ve decided to do a video blog for today’s post. Would You Like to See More Videos? Please yes! I loved it! Sure, if you feel like it. Meh? Not really. Jesus please god don’t ever do this again.    pollcode.com free polls