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This is me holding an inexplicably large pair of scissors. They really cut too.

Shit. I haven’t logged in here in so long I seriously almost forgot how. It’s a little unsettling when you have to press the “forgot password” link on your own damn blog. But I do feel like I owe it to people to post an update. My heart isn’t in it, but I feel obligated, so here goes. My heart isn’t here because it’s been completely kidnapped by my new job. It’s been five weeks since I started and there’s so much to tell I...

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Gina Crosley-Corcoran, MPH. Spent 7 years writing this here blog and other manifestos while working as a doula and speaker on maternal and child health. Now retired from blogging, working in a private industry that saves and improves people's lives.
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The 10-Day Sugar Detox: Day I-Can’t-Even-Remember-Anymore


It was a fun-filled, action-packed holiday weekend, so I didn’t have time (or care enough, actually) to keep this place updated on the sugar-free journey. But suffice to say that, yes, we’re still doing awesome, and no, I’m not actually counting the days until it’s over. At this point, I feel like this is a long-term lifestyle change and I...

The 10-Day Sugar Detox: Days 4 & 5


Holy shit, we are HALF WAY through this thing already. I decided to give you guys a little break from updates yesterday because I’m sure you’re all, “Who is this person posting every single day? This is not the Gina we know.” And you’re right, I am so NOT the Gina you know right now. I’ve been possessed with the...

The 10-Day Sugar Detox: Day 3


Here we are! One-third of the way through our detox and everything still feels good! I started to get another little headache late in the day, so I choked down some disgusting flavorless coffee and it went away instantly. Today was a little different because we did eat lunch outside the home, but I stuck to the sugar-free/grain-free plan. I’m...

The 10-Day Sugar Detox: Day 2


Hey! Look at that! Three blog posts in three days! This new sugar-free/grain-free thing we’re doing is really inspiring me. I’m so excited to share this journey because it feels so different than I ever thought it could/would. Here are the highlights: Coffee without 10 lbs of sugar, cream, and cocoa is fucking disgusting. #SorryNotSorry Anything can be sweetened with...

The 10-Day Sugar Detox: Day 1


Well, we survived Day 1 of our sugar-free/grain-free diet and it honestly wasn’t hard. The worst part – I dare say the only difficult part at all – was giving up my sugar-laden coffee. I tried drinking an iced coffee with just unsweetened almond milk and I truly couldn’t choke it down. But someone told me that coconut milk in...

The 10-Day Sugar Detox: Day 0


[Disclaimer – If you are triggered by talk of diet or weight-loss, you may want to steer clear of my shenanigans over the next couple weeks.] So, I watched Fed Up a few nights ago because I was bored, the husband was asleep, and I’ve already binged-watched most of my favorite shows. I knew the general premise of the movie...

The Graduation Party Weekend and What It All Means…


You may remember I was feeling very “BLAH YUCK” about graduation last week. Suffice to say that walking in that commencement ceremony really turned my attitude around. The speakers and their inspiring words really helped me to remember why I worked so hard for this and that it’s okay if I don’t know where it will all take me right...


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