TFB’s LIVE Homebirth Blog Event

Questions and Information about the Live Blog Event:

Q: What am I looking at?

You’re watching Live Blog stream for The Feminist Breeder’s birth of her 3rd child.  If you would like more background on this, please read TFB’s explanation of the event (don’t worry, this link opens in a new window so you won’t lose this page.)

Q: Can I interact with you during the event?

There is a space above to submit comments or questions, however, due to limited space and time, the producer will only post a very limited number.  She will ONLY post 100% positive, supportive comments so please don’t bother submitting anything less than 100% positive or supportive.  TFB herself will NOT be seeing any of these comments or questions other than what the producer herself approves and posts to the stream.  If your comment/question is not posted to the live feed, that means TFB has never/will never see it.

Q: I came in half-way through, can I rewind?

Yes – all you have to do to see the earlier part of the feed is use the scroll bar and scroll back to the top.

Q: How long will this be available for viewing?

The LIVE feed will run for the duration of the birth and for approximately ninety minutes after the baby is born.  Once the live feed is closed, it is immediately archived and available to replay.  The archived feed will stay living on this page indefinitely, but users will not be able to submit comments or questions to it.  Comments/Questions are only accepted during the live session.


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